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Re: merging indexes with stop words

From: Eric Lease Morgan <eric_morgan(at)>
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 11:16:33 GMT
On Sunday, April 28, 2002, at 08:33 PM, Bill Moseley wrote:

> At 04:27 PM 04/28/02 -0700, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
>> Thank you for the prompt reply. Yes, all of the WordCharacters settings
>> are the same. In fact, in all cases they are non-existent since I have
>> not specified WordCharacters in my swish-e configuration file.
> Ok, maybe it's just reporting the wrong error.  You probably don't want 
> to
> merge indexes that use different stop words.
>> I don't think it will be practical for me to search multiple indexes.
>> After a time there will way too many of them.
> Hum, I wonder how many is too many.  I suppose it depends on the OS.
> You might search the archive for discussion about merge.  It's often 
> much
> faster and uses less memory to reindex all the data than to merge.

Again, thank you for the prompt reply. All the indexes I am trying to 
merge use the same stop word list.

In the system I am creating, there will be potentially hundreds of 
indexes to search if I don't merge them together. I find it hard to 
believe that opening and closing this many files would be preferable to 
merging them together into a single file.

Eric Lease Morgan
Received on Mon Apr 29 11:20:29 2002