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Re: merging indexes with stop words

From: Eric Lease Morgan <eric_morgan(at)>
Date: Sun Apr 28 2002 - 23:28:06 GMT
On Sunday, April 28, 2002, at 04:11 PM, Bill Moseley wrote:

> That's interesting.  And the WordCharacters settings are the same?
> I'll test when I get a chance.
>> Does anybody know how I can resolve this problem?
> Yes, don't merge.  Tell swish to search multiple indexes.
>    ./swish-e -w foo -f indexA indexB indexC indexD indexE

Thank you for the prompt reply. Yes, all of the WordCharacters settings 
are the same. In fact, in all cases they are non-existent since I have 
not specified WordCharacters in my swish-e configuration file.

I don't think it will be practical for me to search multiple indexes. 
After a time there will way too many of them.

Eric Lease Morgan
Received on Sun Apr 28 23:28:09 2002