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Problem with XMLClassAttribues

From: Cristiano Corsani <cristiano.corsani(at)>
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 15:44:29 GMT
Hi all,

I have some xml file look lie this:

	<field type="01">
		<subfield type="a">valueA</subfield>
		<subfiled type="b">valueB</subfield>
	<field type="02">
		<subfield type="b">valueAA</subfield>
		<subfiled type="c">valueBB</subfield>
	<field type="03">
		<subfield type="e">valueAAA</subfield>
		<subfiled type="f">valueBBB</subfield>

I want to index only type 01 field so I write this config file:

XMLClassAttributes field
MetaNames field.01
MetaNameAlias field.01 field.02
UndefinedMetaTags ignore
UndefinedXMLAttributes disable

but it seems that swish index also the other metanames(03) because a search
on valueAAA give me a result. It seems that in this case undefinedMetaTags
does not work properly ...

A second question: is it possible to tell swish to index only subfield "a"
inside field "01" and subfield "b" inside field "02"? How can I write a
correct config file?

many thanks,

Cristiano Corsani
Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze
Piazza Cavalleggeri 1
50122 Firenze
Tel.: +39 055 24919 220
Received on Fri Apr 19 15:45:54 2002