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Re: Quick question

From: Alex Lyons SercoAssurance-Winfrith Tel01305-202368 FAX01305-202194 <ajlyons(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 15:58:15 GMT
Dear swish-e developers,

> I have a similar question. When might version 2.1 be labeled the
> production version?
> I am writing an application that uses swish-e version 2.1 for
> a client.  I have been using this development version without
> a hitch for a couple of months now. I am satisfied that it will
> do what the client needs, but the client seems reluctant to use
> something labeled "development".
> When might version 2.1 become production?

I agree.  I too have customers with procurement policies that simply 
don't allow them to install anything labelled "development", no matter 
how much better it is than older "production" versions or commercial 

Now that David Norris seems to have sorted out the 
various-flavours-of-Windows-path-separator problems, and the Unix and 
Windows versions seem to be fully in sync, why not call that version 2.1 
production and then carry on with 2.2-dev?

Or are there other soon-to-be-implemented major changes?


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