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Re: Quick question

From: Eric Lease Morgan <eric_morgan(at)>
Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 15:34:27 GMT
On Thursday, April 11, 2002, at 09:58 AM, Tim Cantin wrote:

> We currently run swish-e 1.3 (*cringe*! Yeh, I know...), and I'm 
> looking to
> update it to the latest version. It appears that this is 2.0.5, but the 
> download
> page tells me to use the 2.1 development version because it's better. 
> Then the
> daily development snapshot download page tells me not to use that. So 
> which is
> it?

I have a similar question. When might version 2.1 be labeled the 
production version?

I am writing an application that uses swish-e version 2.1 for a client. 
I have been using this development version without a hitch for a couple 
of months now. I am satisfied that it will do what the client needs, but 
the client seems reluctant to use something labeled "development".

When might version 2.1 become production?

Eric Lease Morgan
Received on Thu Apr 11 15:35:55 2002