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Re: AW: Re: SWISH-E status on windows

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 20:05:50 GMT
At 02:14 AM 03/14/02 -0800, Markus Strickler wrote:
>I still don't get the swish.cgi to run.
>It uses alarm() which is unsupported at least in ActivePerl 5.6.

But it's not called.  Is perl still complaining?  I'm running 5.6.1.

> grep alarm swish.cgi
        alarm $timeout if $timeout && $^O !~ /Win32/i;
        alarm 0  unless $^O =~ /Win32/i;

>Also it openes a pipe with open( $fh, '-|' ); which doesn't work on
>Windows either...

Again, from swish.cgi:

    my $fh = $^O =~ /Win32/i
             ? windows_fork( $conf, $self )
             : real_fork( $conf, $self );

>Concerning the "statbility" question.
>I meant stable as in stable for a production environment.

That's a tough question, and one that seems more important to managers ;)

If the stable version has a bug that has been fixed in the unstable
version, then which do you pick?  2.1 is so much better than 2.0.5 and is
in production in a number of places. 

Best option from my point of view, use CVS to get swish, and if you find a
bug fix it and submit a patch, or post it here and is should get fixed
reasonably quickly.  But then you will need a C compiler.

BTW -- if you learn anything about swish.cgi script on Windows, please let
me know.  Specifically about running an external program like swish.  I've
ranted about this before, but I've spent a year posting questions on
Windows Perl and CGI lists asking how to safely run programs.  So far I
have not had a single answer.  I'd welcome new tips.

Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Mar 14 20:06:15 2002