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Re: Does not count files

From: Paul Thomas <paul(at)>
Date: Mon Mar 04 2002 - 19:24:52 GMT
On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, Bill Moseley wrote:

> >I index for searching email archives with Swishe-e. When I setup
> >a new archive that only has a few emails in it, Swishe-e does
> >not count the words. After enough emails accumulate, Swishe-e
> >will count the words as well as files.
> I'm not following what you doing below, as I don't see the commands.
> I would suggest not using IgnoreLimit.

Turns out it is 'IgnoreWords SwishDefault' as well as 'IgnoreWords File'
that is gobbling up words I want indexed. Apparently when either of
those two options are enabled, alot of words not in SwishDefault or
File are ignored. By commenting out both those fields, things work better.
> Also looks like you are running an older version of swish.  2.1-dev is
> still being developed (feature wise), but I'd recommend it over what you
> are running.

I'd be interested in new features for sure. 

> BTW -- what kind of archive are you indexing?  If hypermail, I've got a
> little perl program that automatically indexes them with swish.

Sorry. I'm using Mhonarc. What does your script do?



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Received on Mon Mar 4 19:30:08 2002