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Re: Index Webs Files

From: Lu Lu <bolita_curro(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 22:04:01 GMT
> >I means code ascii
> >
> >swish-e -w Metaname=(ascii 49)* = swish-e -w Metaname=0*
> >swish-e -w Metaname=(ascii 50)* = swish-e -w Metaname=1*
> >swish-e -w Metaname=(ascii 51)* = swish-e -w Metaname=2*
> >swish-e -w Metaname=(ascii 52)* = swish-e -w Metaname=3*
> >
> >After that I give the data that swish-e returns and i push it in 
>You are asking swish to tell you what files contain words that begin with
>those numbers.

And letters a to z, but swish-e don't make it automatically.... I want to 
know that are contents of metatags

> >I'd problems with other:
> ><swish-e -w author=Y* -f spider.ind
> ><# Search words: author=Y*
> ><1000 "Yolanda Baroja" 7260
> >It brings me contents of metatag
> >
> ><swish-e -w author=d* -f spider.ind
> ><# Search words: author=d*
> >< ""
> >Its return the same url but not the contents of metatag (author="Dxxxx").
>Maybe that metatag has two words, one that starts with "d" and one that
>starts with "y"?

Watch it... it don't leave me the metatag content... it returns me the url 
and the url like metatag content

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Received on Wed Feb 27 22:04:33 2002