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Re: Index Webs Files

From: Lu Lu <bolita_curro(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 22:03:46 GMT

>>I wish to index htmls files of a server, but this webs have frames and i 
>>saw that spider can link with these frames. How can i index webs files of 
>>a server??

>You use the program with swish. I just updated the >documentation 
>for, so you might want to download a fresh 2.1->dev version from 
>the swish-daily page. Then go to the examples >directory and type

>perldoc swish.cgi

>>I am indexing metanames and with swish-e -T INDEX_METANAMES i can see what 
>>are the metatag names inside index... after it, i'm making a prog which 
>>try "swish-e -w Metaname=(ascii ++)* "for give it and work it (i give it 
>>and i put its to Metanames container).

>You asked this last week. Sorry, I do not understand the question.

>What do you mean (ascii ++)* ?

I means code ascii

swish-e -w Metaname=(ascii 49)* = swish-e -w Metaname=0*
swish-e -w Metaname=(ascii 50)* = swish-e -w Metaname=1*
swish-e -w Metaname=(ascii 51)* = swish-e -w Metaname=2*
swish-e -w Metaname=(ascii 52)* = swish-e -w Metaname=3*

After that I give the data that swish-e returns and i push it in metafiles.

I'd problems with other:
<swish-e -w author=Y* -f spider.ind
<# Search words: author=Y*
<1000 "Yxxx xxxx" 7260
It brings me contents of metatag

<swish-e -w author=d* -f spider.ind
<# Search words: author=d*
< ""
Its return the same url but not the contents of metatag (author="Dxxxx").

And Swish-e searchs return:
1000 "Yxxx xxxx" 7260
Whats the mean of last number (7260) ??

Thanks Bill... You are an angel  :p You saved me of evils :p

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Received on Wed Feb 27 22:04:27 2002