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Re: meta names not included in swishdefault?

From: Alex Lyons SercoAssurance-Winfrith Tel01305-202368 FAX01305-202194 <ajlyons(at)>
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 22:03:38 GMT
Dear swish-e developers,

If I may contribute to the debate...

Bill suggests something like "-w *=foo"  meaning search in all 
metanames, but also suggests "-w swishdefault,keywords,othermeta=foo" as 
meaning search in only the specified metas.  At the moment it seems that 
the simple "-w foo" would map to the proposed "-w swishdefault=foo".  If 
this proposal is implemented, could I suggest that, instead, "-w foo" 
should map to "-w *=foo", which seems to be what Fred was originally 
asking for.

Further thoughts...

If all this is done, we don't really need the "-t HBthec" flags any 
more, as "-t t -w foo" can be expressed more generally as "-w title=foo" 
and so on (the h and e flags would correspond to metaname aliases or 
groups). No doubt the -t would have to remain for a while for backwards 

Also, it could be useful to be able to assign a "weight" to words found 
in particular meta tags, like the RANK_* defines in config.h  I guess 
this could be most easily done at index time through the config file: I 
wouldn't know whether the flexibility of being able to do it at search 
time (e.g: "-w title(3.0),swishdefault(1.0)=foo") would be required or 
even possible.

Finally (and now totally off-subject), would it be possible to include 
some algorithm to scale the rank by some factor based on another 
(numerical) property?  I'm thinking in particular of the last-modified 
property, so that newer files can be given a higher rank than older 
ones, where at the moment the search might give them equal rank.  Might 
also be useful for the size property to give smaller files a greater 
rank.  Some sort of "exponential decay" term (e.g: rank *= 
exp(-age/age0)*exp(-size/size0)) where age0 and size0 are specified 
either in the config or maybe even in the arglist at search-time.  I 
know the CGI script can sort by numeric property once it has all the 
results, but if swish has already sorted results by rank, why do it 

Sorry I'm much better at dreaming up wishlist items than actually 
finding the time to implement any of them :)

Anyway, thanks for the lively and informative discussion list.

Alex Lyons.

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