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Re: meta names not included in swishdefault?

From: Gerald Klaas <gklaas(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 26 2002 - 19:44:07 GMT
I'd be interested in knowing what you decide to do.
In my case, I would like to take the contents of a single meta
tag ("keywords") and both index it as a property AND add the
words into the swishdefault.

Currently, I make my CGI create a query that looks like

/app/swish/src/swish-search -w "keywords=(ozone and nox) or (ozone and
 -m 20 -b 0 -H 0 -f /app/swish/indexes/[io]*.index

Gerald Klaas

Fred Toth wrote:
> Thanks for your help. I think I can see several ways to accomplish
> what I want to do.
> Regarding nested meta names: Is it reasonable to use "html" as
> the top level of nested meta names (using HTML2 as the IndexContents value)?
> Then, the "all" search would be:
>          swish -w html=smith
Received on Tue Feb 26 19:44:35 2002