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Re: Error dealing with long pathnames in Win32

From: Fabiano Cattaneo <cattaneo(at)>
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 17:46:48 GMT
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> From: Bill Moseley
> What exactly is the error your are receiving?

The instruction at "0x....." referenced memory at "0x.....". The memory
could not be "read".

> Do you believe that it's due to memory limitations or too deep of

The error showed up when the dir structure was rearranged, adding two or
three more levels. It seems just like a buffer underrun problem.

Also, I sometimes got errors like:
foobar.pdf"GZIP" cannot be found

It seems just like a corrupted buffer or so.

> If you know some perl, you might try recrusing your directory 
Sorry, none... :-((

> From: David L Norris
> Try 2.1-dev-25 from February 9, 2002.  It has many directory fixes.

I'll let you know the results...

> Reading through MSDN now...  OFS_MAXPATHNAME is 128 bytes on Windows
> (any version).  Some functions we are using are limited (No 
> Workaround)
> to 128 byte pathnames.  Windows happily allows a buffer overrun on
> longer names.

mmm, the errors shows here:
In dir "C:/Work/swishe/Documenti/AMBIENTE TERRITORIO E
SICUREZZA/Approvvigionamento idrico autonomo - Denuncia annuale":
  Scheda_per_denuncia_annuale_acque.doc - Using TXT filter -

148 characters...

Here is my config:
IndexDir "C:/Work/swishe/Documenti"
ReplaceRules replace " " "%20"
ReplaceRules replace "C:/Work/swishe/" "/"
FilterDir "C:/Work/swishe/filters"
FileFilter .pdf pdf-filter.bat
FileFilter .doc doc-filter.bat
FileFilter .ppt doc-filter.bat
FileFilter .xls doc-filter.bat
FileFilter .rtf rtf2html.exe
IndexContents TXT .pdf .doc .rtf .ppt .xls

The .doc file content can be just anything (even an empty Word file will

Received on Tue Feb 19 17:47:04 2002