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From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 19:59:02 GMT
At 10:56 AM 02/15/02 -0800, maildofernando wrote:
>    I am looking for a web indexing and after some 
>days studying on the subject I am in doubt between 
>the "Perlfect Search" and the "Swish-E". I do not know 
>very on this subject but necessary to take a decision 
>fast and I do not want to commit errors.  

I don't know Perlfect Search at all.  I looked at it some time ago.  As a
perl programmer I was a bit critical of their code -- more style than
anything else.  For example, they don't use "use strict" or "-w" or use
modules to do common tasks -- all standard practices for perl programmers.
But that does not mean the scripts don't work ok.

>    Although the "Swish-E" seeming upper to 
>the "Perlfect Search", I would like to make some 
>	1-How Functions the database of the Swish?
>	2-The database requires transactions?
>	3-The Swish-E supports multi-user having      
>access the database?

Swish has it's own highly optimized database design.  Yes, you can have
multiple users reading the database at the same time.

>	4-Which are the limits of the Swish-E?  

Right now swish's main limit is memory.  Indexing is very fast because
keeps indexing structures in memory while indexing.  Swish cannot currently
do incremental indexing, but for many people with small sets of files ( <
100,000 perhaps) it's not a huge issue since indexing is so fast.  If you
have millions of large files that change often then you might want to look
at one of the "big" search engines (see

>	5-It is possible to integrate a external 
>database with the Swish-E? 

What do you mean?  Can it index from a database directly?  Yes it can.

>	6-Which the behavior of the database in critical 

I don't understand that question.

>	7-I go to use the product only in the File 
>System.I need to indexing million of archives "*.txt". 
>Which of the Products you recommends, the Swish-E or the 
>Perlfect Search?

I recommend swish.

Did you read the Perlfect Search FAQ?

"The latest version of Perlfect Search (v3.20) is capable of indexing sites
with 1,000+ documents easily. There's a limit at 65,535 files which can be
worked around if necessary."

You should download both and try 50,000 documents and see what you like.
Both are easy to install.  I think you will find swish much more powerful.
You should install Perlfect Search first and start it indexing then move on
to installing swish.  My guess is swish will still finish indexing first ;)

Bill Moseley
Received on Fri Feb 15 19:59:44 2002