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RE: -v option for merges

From: Robert Ln <soundhack(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 22:04:57 GMT
> What would be helpful is to know what output you would like to see at
> different levels of -v.  I rarely use merge (because it's so slow and
> memory intensive compared to normal indexing), so it would be helpful to
> get suggestions from someone that does use it.

Well actually, at least for me, the only level I was concerned with was
-v 0, in which I would like to see nothing at all :)

Another comment is that for anything but the highest level (4 or debugging)
it might be nice not to do the (I am assuming) CR but no LF trick
to 'animate' the percent progress
(for example, I get the following by capturing stdout

Processing words in index 'd:\web\extensions\full.idx':   0%
Processing words in index 'd:\web\extensions\full.idx':   0%
Processing words in index 'd:\web\extensions\full.idx':   1%
Processing words in index 'd:\web\extensions\full.idx':   1%
Processing words in index 'd:\web\extensions\full.idx':   1%
[many more lines of this until it reaches 100%]

So i guess in summary

0   Nothing
1   One line summary (# unique words indexed, properties sorted, files
indexed, total bytes, etc)
2   1 + one line description per index file of number of words
3   Everything it currently shows except the percent animation
4   3 with the percent animation

If I read your previous mail correctly, however, can I assume that
if I have a pretty big master index file, create incremental index files
times during the day, then want to update the master index file with the
indices, it is better to do a full index on all files, rather than merge?


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Received on Thu Feb 14 22:05:17 2002