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Re: matching partial/variant words

From: Chuck Renner <crenner(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 23:38:12 GMT
> >1)  Does this solution have potentially bad consequences 
> that I may not be
> >seeing?
> Yes.  People may not want to run wildcard searches.  Also, wildcard
> searches can be a lot slower and more resource intensive than 
> normal searches.

This is a pretty small index (<200K), and it's pretty lightly used, so
resources aren't a big problem at this point.

> >2)  Is there anything built into SWISH that would do this 
> for me?  (Nothing
> >in the documentation or FAQ jumped out at me.)
> Have you considered using stemming?  That would probably be 
> more what you
> want, but you may want to build two indexes and let people 
> select which
> index (stemming or not stemming) to use.

Hadn't stumbled across this yet.  So stemming only stores the derived root
of the word in the index?  In other words, "running" gets stemmed to "run",
so a search for "running" against the stemmed index will return no results?

If this is the case, it is possible to create a single index with both the
original and stemmed words, or is this something better handled by the new
combined search results handling in the newer versions?
Received on Thu Feb 7 23:39:31 2002