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Re: matching partial/variant words

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Feb 07 2002 - 22:33:01 GMT
At 12:30 PM 02/07/02 -0800, Chuck Renner wrote:
>Experimenting at the command line, I discovered I can include a wildcard
>character on the end of the query term, such that "deprecated", "deprecate*"
>and "deprecated*" all return the same results.  My existing Perl script
>could be easily modified to add the * to each term.
>However, before going forward with this, I want to find out the following:
>1)  Does this solution have potentially bad consequences that I may not be

Yes.  People may not want to run wildcard searches.  Also, wildcard
searches can be a lot slower and more resource intensive than normal searches.

>2)  Is there anything built into SWISH that would do this for me?  (Nothing
>in the documentation or FAQ jumped out at me.)

Have you considered using stemming?  That would probably be more what you
want, but you may want to build two indexes and let people select which
index (stemming or not stemming) to use.

>3)  Does anyone have a different/better approach this issue?

No, but a suggestion: upgrade to 2.1-dev instead of using 2.0.

Have fun,
Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Feb 7 22:34:15 2002