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Re: can Swishe index via a UNC windows name

From: David L Norris <dave(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 31 2002 - 02:20:07 GMT
On Wed, 2002-01-30 at 20:31, Bill Moseley wrote:
> But specifying a directory failed.  That may be a bug, but I'm not sure.
> swish  isn't seeing that as a directory when it does a "stat()" call.
> Someone with a Win32 compiler will need to check that.

Ewh, that's annoying.  I'll have a look at it soon.  I would suspect
it's in dirent.c, but, we shall see.

> There's no reason you couldn't write a small interface script for swish to
> make it work.  In the prog-bin directory is a small perl script called
> that reads files off the drive and sends them to swish for
> indexing.  It could probably easily be modified to work with unc paths, if
> it doesn't already.

Possibly a viable option until I figure out the problem.

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