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Where's my descriptions and titles?

From: Rich Thomas <thomasr(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 24 2002 - 13:39:53 GMT
I've included my confg file and a sample of results.  Why do I get Null
titles and no descriptions? I'll also include what I'm using as a search
tool.  It's basically swish.cgi modified for our site with no secondary
sorts or date routine.

How do I force swish-e not to follow all links when using the http method?
Is this even possible?

# cat ublin.config
IndexFile /usr/local/bin/index.swish
IndexReport 3

IgnoreTotalWordCountWhenRanking no

MaxDepth 1

IndexComments 0
MaxDepth 5

Delay 1

TmpDir /export/home/thomasr/tmp/

StoreDescription HTML <body> 5000

Results of search:

1 (NULL) -- rank: 1000
No Content saved: Check StoreDescription setting

2 (NULL) -- rank: 944
No Content saved: Check StoreDescription setting

3 (NULL) -- rank: 914
No Content saved: Check StoreDescription setting

A sample of the html pages I'm trying to index:

<title> E/E/F/8/403 University at Buffalo Libraries Web Catalog</title> <br>
United States.  Bureau of Land Management.</h3>  <br>
BLM Wyoming fishing opportunities /  United States Department of the
Interior, Bureau of Land Management.</h3>  <br>
Wyoming fishing opportunities</h3>  <br>
Title within map border:  Fishing opportunities [place] Wyoming</h3>  <br>
Title within map border:  Fishing opportunities in [place] Wyoming</h3>
Scales differ. <br>
[Washington, D.C.?] ;  The Bureau,  [1991- <br>
maps :  col. ;  45 x 59 cm. or smaller, on sheets 46 x 61 cm., folded to 23
x 11 cm. <br>
Relief shown by shading. <br>
Panel title. <br>
"This brochure was developed in cooperation with the Wyoming Game and Fish
Department." <br>
Includes descriptive index to fishing areas and descriptive distance list
for each area. <br>
Text, Wyoming map showing available BLM surface maps, and col. ill. on
verso. <br>
Northeast and central -- South central -- Southwest -- Big Horn River. <br>
Fishing  Wyoming  Maps. <br>
Fishing  Big Horn River (Wyo. and Mont.)  Maps. <br>
Wyoming.  Game and Fish Dept. <br>
<A HREF="">About this
<A HREF="">Holdings: How
to find this item</A>
<A HREF="">Search the
UB Libraries Catalog</A>
<A HREF="">Download this
MARC record</A>
University at Buffalo
State University of New York

As you can see they are just text files.


Received on Thu Jan 24 13:42:15 2002