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Javascript Showing in Descriptions

From: <cmpeders(at)>
Date: Tue Jan 22 2002 - 13:44:42 GMT

I am using the 2.0.5 version of Swish-e on a Solaris web server. I have
everything compiled and working except for one issue that has come up. If
there is a page with javascript on it and if there is a ">" or "<" in the
code such as a comparison of if (x < 7 ) it will read that "<" and start
using that text as the description that is indexed. The javascript is
properly commented out with the <!-- and // --> yet it still starts
indexing the code. This is a big problem as I think it looks unacceptable
to have javascript code showing up when people are doing searches on my web

I am not sure yet if it will do the same with ASP code, but based on this,
it probably will since I am using the filesystem method.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Or can anyone suggest what might be
done about it?

Chris Pedersen
Received on Tue Jan 22 13:45:04 2002