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Config files

From: Frances Coakley <f.coakley(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 12:02:40 GMT
The main problem I see is the culture clash re the Unix and the Win user
(most of whom are locked in due to other reasons) - command lines are a
real pain in Win98 etc - past experience taught me to adopt a Win .ini like
format of
tag: info
 and just move my generic parser between programs - each set of tags
clearly indicates under what section it belongs; a tag extracter easily can
present either the whole of a section, a section+tag (using possibly a
default if not present) - it is easy to read the config file and also easy
to add a wrapper if you want a windows like program and also easy to edit
under Win etc.
It is also easy to write a general (table driven) Unix-like command line
interpreter to config file format and then use this internal 'file' (which
can also be dumped to help debugging) - config files remove all nasties re interpretation, meta-chars etc (ie you do your own!)
Frances Coakley
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Received on Thu Jan 17 12:03:21 2002