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Re: Description and Title not being parsed

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 05:10:30 GMT
At 08:59 PM 01/16/02 -0800, David L Norris wrote:
>Windows 2000.  Simple index of the tests directory.
>C:\projects\swish-e-2.1-dev-25>swish-e -w test -x "%t %d" -H0
>If you are seeing this, the test was successful! (NULL)test.xml (NULL)

Huh?  What are those (NULL)?  Should there be a %d.  That is, what does 

      -x "[<swishdescription>]\n" show?

>C:\projects\swish-e-2.1-dev-25>swish-e -w test -x "%%t %%d" -H0
>%t %d%t %d

Now I'm seeing double.

>- - - - 
>Windows 98.  Simple index of the tests directory.
>C:\projects\swish-e>swish-e -w test -x "%t %d" -H0

Why two "d"s?  I only get one.

>(OOOH!  Copy/paste works between OSs with VMWare 3.0! :-)

I need a telnet server for Win98.  Then I could telnet in with SecureCRT
and have good cut-n-paste and scroll back.  Must be something better than

Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Jan 17 05:11:23 2002