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Re: Description and Title not being parsed

From: Jason Birch <jbirch(at)>
Date: Thu Jan 17 2002 - 04:25:12 GMT
On Wed, 16 Jan 2002 20:03:45 -0800 (PST), David L Norris
<> spoke:

> On Wed, 2002-01-16 at 22:53, Bill Moseley wrote:
> > At 07:27 PM 01/16/02 -0800, Jason Birch wrote:
> > >> Hey David: What's the deal with this?  Is the percent sign a shell meta
> > in Windows?
> > >but... (NT)  %ENVVAR% ==  (Unix)  $ENVVAR
> I'd have to concur...  I'm guessing you might be able to escape it. 
> But, I'm not sure.

I think that's what's going on here:

>> E:\Program Files\SWISH-E>swish-e -w you -x "%%t\n%%t" -H0

The doubling up escapes.  Kinda like some forms of SQL.  I wonder if
you can escape it with a \ too?  That would be too unixish for those
monkeys methinks.

> is always confused.  But, some days it accidentally gets
> things right.

Yes, but you never expect it when it happens, and when it does you
figure that it's doing it wrong.
> > Who writes this stuff? ;)
> Flying monkeys.  Rooms and rooms full of them.

Man, if they could write Shakespeare, you'd think they could at least
do a half-decent command interpreter.

Received on Thu Jan 17 04:26:11 2002