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Initial Help

From: Lucia B <bolita_69(at)>
Date: Wed Jan 16 2002 - 18:04:42 GMT
Bonjour, hi, hola!!!

I am introducing me in the swish-e world for an university work... And I 
have a problem with filters... they don't index my docs and pdfs, they open 
word et acrobat reader... and i don't wanted that.... if you have examples 
of config files i will be granted by you.

Sorry for my english (i am in france and i think in french :p)

And I forget it :p When i put spiderdirectory ../src he says me that it 
isn't a directory... and it is a directory... And will love to know how to 
see the meta tags of a index file.

Esto es todo amigos ;)


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Received on Wed Jan 16 18:05:52 2002