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Re: Electronic Data Management System

From: Panos Adam <padam(at)>
Date: Sat Jan 12 2002 - 18:43:40 GMT
Hi Bill and thanks for the answer.

The situation I am facing is this:

a) An employee  has to scan quite a few articles from the daily press and
store them somewhere.
My idea was to have them in pdf format instead of going in OCR and have them
stored either as plain text or html pages.
But I really do not care as long as I have a fast machine response when I
search for something. What would it be the format that suits best?

b) Use of the SWISH software package by another employee as the retrieval
tool and here are some other questions:
- How true the SWISH search results are given that it is a common problem
among search engines to have tons of resulting pages but only few true
matches? In other words how smart can it be? Is there any tuning method?
- Can SWISH generate an alphabetical site map (index) ?
- Can I change easily all the English screen titles to Greek? (should i have
a developer's version for doing this?)

c) I am thinking of having my data simply stored in folders. Do you think
that storing them in a data base (SQL maybe) would be better?

d) Can I launch the SWISH-E application through ASP scripts?

Thank you

Panos Adam

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From: "Bill Moseley" <>
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Sent: Saturday, January 12, 2002 6:52 PM
Subject: [SWISH-E] Re: Electronic Data Management System

> At 04:15 AM 01/12/02 -0800, Panos Adam wrote:
> >If you could tell me the software you are using for producing PDF files
> >(adobe maybe?).
> >I have to train one person in scanning the press articles and converting
> >them in pdf
> >and I am interested in something easy and accurate.
> Hi Panos,
> Yes, Adobe.
> But, you don't need to convert to PDF unless you want your data in PDF
> format for other reasons.
> To work with swish, you just need to get your data into XML or HTML (or
> plain text) format so swish can parse it.
> For example, if your data is stored in a database you can write a simple
> program to read the database, extract the columns of data you want to
> search, format as HTML or XML, and return it to swish.
> If you can post details about your data, such as where it's stored and how
> it is formatted, and describe how you would like to be able to search it,
> then we can offer more specific help.
> --
> Bill Moseley
Received on Sat Jan 12 18:46:35 2002