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Re: Sorting issues

From: Zambra - Michael <michael(at)>
Date: Sat Jan 05 2002 - 15:07:36 GMT
Hello Bill,

> By "Perl Tempate module" you mean Template-Toolkit?

Yes, but I'm just starting to explore all the possibilities it has got. I'm
just using it for the "Shop" section of my site, which is a shopping cart
system that allows you to jump from the Spanish to the English version.

> >I just picked up some ideas from your in order to
> >generate the text strings (title, path, rank, properties) that are being
> >feeded into Template.
> I hope it wasn't too confusing ;)

Not at all, and I have learned a lot by reviewing your code.

> Cool.  You have a very nice site!  Nice layout and design.
Thanks! I wanted to offer something clearly structured and not too cluttered
with visual or textual information.

Received on Sat Jan 5 15:07:51 2002