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Re: NoContents of files with no extension

From: Jonathan Feldman <jonny(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 17:17:44 GMT

I dont know what the directive might look at all.

I should say that (somehwat perversely??) i am combining 
SWISH++ which seems to extract word docs excel and ppt fine 
but not index filenames, with swish-e which does the latter but not 
the former. I am happy to be corrected on all points here.

I run an NT4 platform

(I have tried a setup with catdoc but i've not got it to work)

So as my users( apologies for the possessiveness) will search for 
file names as well as for content of files, the front end will offer 
them this choice.

Thanks for the tip about i'll take a look and see what it 
can do.



> At 06:48 AM 12/19/2001 -0800, Jonathan Feldman wrote:
> >I am looking to index file names only without contents
> >
> >So i have a long NoContents list. But there are a number of files 
> >that come up which have no extension. As these are not listed 
> >under the NoContents directive they are indexed by contents.
> That's one of the problems with those file extension-based directives.
> First, can you suggest how you would like or expect it to work?  What would
> the directive look like?
> If you are using 2.1, in the prog-bin directory is a file called
>  You can use a modified version to scan your file system and
> just index the file names.  You can actually send a "No-Contents:" header
> along with the document to not index the contents.  The only reason to use
> such a thing would be to let swish pull out the title from the document.
> Bill Moseley

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