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Using ExtractPath to Assign a Property

From: Bob Stewart <rstewart(at)>
Date: Fri Dec 14 2001 - 22:10:11 GMT
I am using ExtractPath to assign a searchable metaname and this works fine:

[form config file:]
MetaNames forum
ExtractPath forum regex !^.*/forums/load/([^/]+)/.*$!$1!

Is there any way to assign extracted path info to a property?
I've tried all sorts of combinations, like:

PropertyNames forum
MetaNames forum
ExtractPath forum regex !^.*/forums/load/([^/]+)/.*$!$1!

..but nothing seems to work.

BTW, my copmpliments to those who've done the work on SWISH-E. This is an excellent application and the ability to custiomize makes it all the more useful.


  Bob Stewart  

  The Virtual Mirror
Received on Fri Dec 14 22:10:19 2001