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Merging Indexes

From: John Elser <jElser(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 19:33:29 GMT
I'm attempting to merge 2 index files.  I created them both with the same conf file (except that I changed the index file)

To create the index.incremental, I ran: swish-e -c /usr/local/swish/swishi.conf -N /usr/local/swish/full_swish_index  -T properties
full_swish_index is a file that I touched after running the full index.

To create the swish.index, I ran: swish-e -c /usr/local/swish/swish.conf  -T properties

To merge the files, I ran: swish-e -M swish.index index.incremental index.tmp   

Here are the results that I get after merging:
Input index '/swish/swish.index' has 10715 files and 97215 words
Input index 'swish/index.incremental' has 1 files and 163 words
err: Header WordCharacters in index /swish/index.incremental doesn't match output header.

I've tried to to add the -c swish.conf to my merge command, but I get the same results.  I'm using the develpmental version.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?



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