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Re: running out of memory during merge

From: Benjamin Grosser <grosser(at)>
Date: Thu Dec 06 2001 - 19:05:19 GMT

Thanks for your comments.  I did in fact try indexing it all at once first
and ran out of memory there.  I then tried using multiple index files on a
single search and that does indeed work.  The only thing that is kind of
interesting with that is that it provides the results in an order that
corresponds to the multiple indexes.  For example, I've got one index for
each year of a mailing-list.  My search returns first the 2001, then the
2000, then the 1999, etc...  They are ordered by score, but only with the
different years.

Anyway, it works and is very fast.  I'll investigate getting more RAM for
the machine.  Is there any way to estimate the amount of RAM I'll need to
merge all these indexes together?


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Received on Thu Dec 6 19:16:29 2001