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Re: Date Searching Module

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Wed Dec 05 2001 - 15:06:10 GMT
At 06:22 AM 12/05/01 -0800, John Elser wrote:
>2) I've downloaded and placed it in my cgi directory with
755 permissions

perl modules don't need execute permissions.  

In general you also don't want to provide access to the .pm files.  You
probably should either 1) make all .pm files forbidden by the web server,
or move the .pm files into some other directory and add to the cgi:

  use lib '/path/to/modules';

>3) I've downloaded and installed the Date-Calc 5.0 into Perl4

You don't really mean perl "4" do you?

>4) I've added the "sent" PropertyName directive to my swish.conf file
>I'm not sure if I needed to, but then I rebuilt my index file.

Do you really have a "sent" property in your documents?  If you want to
limit by the last modified date, then set that to "swishlastmodified".  You
don't need to add anything to your config, as swishlastmodified is
automatically added to the index.

[Sorry, that script was originally an example of a script to search a mail
archive (used on the swish-e site).  I changed all the names to the swish
default names, but missed that one.  I fixed it a few days ago, but haven't

>After the above steps were done, my search page contains the date range
boxes.  But, they don't seem to work.  If I search for a particular date, I
get this message: Property 'sent' value '981352800' must be <= '1007618399' 

Because 9 > 1.  You need to tell swish to compare them numerically, not as

If you really have a "sent" meta tag in your docs, and it's a unix timestamp:

   PropertyNamesNumeric sent

Bill Moseley
Received on Wed Dec 5 15:13:31 2001