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Re: Missing routine countResults

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 23:54:31 GMT
At 03:42 PM 11/30/01 -0800, Jean-François PIÉRONNE wrote:
>No, the script is calling the search routine.
>Do i have to call SwishSearch instead of the search routine ?
>I have also noticed that there are a (new ?) initModule_Search routine, do i
>have to call it ?

I'd stick with

That page might be a little dated.  I know both Jose and I have updated the
perl module more often than the documentation.  So to be sure, take a look
at the perl/SWISHE.xs file.  

>What the script is calling is:

Yes, I think you are doing too much work with all of that.

>We were started from a old demonstration program, may be some of these
routines are now obsolete or were superseded by new routines ?
>> I just updated the perl module, which was also not compiling due to a
>> change in the result structure.  Some structure elements were removed to
>> save memory for large result sets.
>So, do i have to wait before updating our CGI program ?

No, that was just the perl module I updated.  But it will give you an idea
how to call into the library.  But do note that Jose has changed some of
the structures in the last week.  For example, the change I made to the
perl module was only:

-        sw = (SWISH *) result->sw;
+        sw = (SWISH *) handle;

So the "sw" isn't in the result structure anymore.  I guess since the
session sw contains the results, there's not need for every result to point
back to the session.

Bill Moseley
Received on Fri Nov 30 23:55:02 2001