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Re: Missing routine countResults

From: Jean-François PIÉRONNE <jfp(at)>
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 23:42:17 GMT
Hi Bill,

Thanks for your quick answer,

Bill Moseley a écrit :
> At 02:39 PM 11/30/01 -0800, Jean-François PIÉRONNE wrote:
> >In a CGI script, i call the routine countResults.
> >
> >Rebuilding the application with the 2001-11-30 snapshot, i have noticed
> that >the routine countResults has disappeared.
> Are you running a C cgi script?

Yes, it is a C CGI script which was build using an early version of swish-e 2.2
and was periodically updated to follow the evolution of swish-e.

> Not sure.  Jose is in the middle of some changes and that was removed on
> 11/03.  The perl module calls SwishSearch() which returns the number of
> results.  Are you not calling SwishSearch?

No, the script is calling the search routine.
Do i have to call SwishSearch instead of the search routine ?
I have also noticed that there are a (new ?) initModule_Search routine, do i
have to call it ?

What the script is calling is:

We were started from a old demonstration program, may be some of these routines
are now obsolete or were superseded by new routines ?
> I just updated the perl module, which was also not compiling due to a
> change in the result structure.  Some structure elements were removed to
> save memory for large result sets.

So, do i have to wait before updating our CGI program ?


Received on Fri Nov 30 23:42:59 2001