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Re: SWISH-E digest 1018

From: Ted Bruyere <tbruyere(at)>
Date: Sat Nov 17 2001 - 18:44:28 GMT
Hi all, a question to ask, if it's already obvious and I've missed it, a
link would be appreciated, I'm new to the software. <grin>

I'm wondering how easy/hard it is to get a short synopsis (google-style)
of the searched page in question, when there is no meta-tag information in
the file being searched. Naturally the people who wanted the search have
decided they want it to look different than when it was first shown to
them, and the pages were not designed with searching in mind... 

Would I have to write a script that actively went into each file returned
and scanned it for the syopsis somehow (like the 'highlight words' script
I've seen earlier), or could it be done by the software and I've just
missed it?

Thanks for any info.
Received on Sat Nov 17 18:45:04 2001