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Bolding search items on indexed page

From: Januski, Ken <kjanuski(at)>
Date: Mon Nov 12 2001 - 20:37:47 GMT

I've recently used SWISHE to index a huge number of public records available
on the web. I've also written a web page to allow a user to enter a search
term and then have SWISHE return a list of the pages that include the term.
But what I'd like to do now is bold the search term whenever a user clicks
on a link to a found page. I think I'd need to do this by editing the
returned file on the fly before it displays. I of course don't want to alter
the original public document.

I realize that this isn't specifically SWISHE related but I thought that
others might have run into a similar situation and wondered what solutions
they've come up with if any.

Thanks for any ideas,

Received on Mon Nov 12 20:38:29 2001