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Re: New Feature, Bug, Wish List for new version

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 22:19:01 GMT
At 02:58 PM 10/23/01 -0700, Joseph Ferner wrote:

You didn't mention what version you are currently using.

>1. New Feature: Add the ability to define what is and what is not html
>in the config file.
>     I have ran into this problem while indexing .jsp files
>remotely...The title tag
>     and all other html tags are not read. fs.c->ishtml(filename)

In swish you assign a parser to a file extension with the IndexContents
directive.  Is that what you mean?

>2. Bug: When doing a remote index, the index file becomes corrupt when
>an attempt to
>     index http://someserver/ with no file name is made.

Can you give an example of this?  I don't see why that would happen, but I
use -S prog with, not -S http.

>3. Wish List: 
>     - An exclude directory list.

There's FileRules dirname.  Is that what you mean?  For spidering if you
use you have complete control over what is and isn't indexed
using perl's regular expressions.

>     - fix "signed/unsigned mismatch" warnings received when compiled in

There's a ton of those.  I tried fixing those one day but caused more
problems than fixed.  I tried moving everything to unsigned char, but then
I had more warnings than when I stared....  If you would like to volunteer
for that task, well that would be great. 

>     - fix "free/abort undefined, assuming extern" warning when compiled
>in VC6.0

Don't know about that one.  Can you be more specific?

Bill Moseley
Received on Tue Oct 23 22:19:26 2001