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RE: Swish documentation

From: Don Hamilton <dhamilto(at)>
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 20:24:39 GMT
I'm trying to use the really useful looking swish.cgi and documentation, but
I'm at least one brick short of a load. I find the step by step approach
used is really good, but a few things don't tie together (at least for me)

I have built swish-e, indexed my file system, and can do a command line
search that returns appropriate results. I am now trying to get swish.cgi to
search it, using today's development package.

My latest error is "Unknown Sort property name "sent" in one of the index
files". I only have one index, and don't know what the 'sent' property might

Also, some other comments on the package

1) the FAQ says (in part).. "Does swish include a CGI interface?
An example CGI script is included in the example directory. (Type perldoc
swish.cgi in the example directory for instructions.)" The word 'example'
seems to be linked to itself or a non-existent label.

2) the README in the example directory refers to swish2.cgi, which does not
exist in that directory..

3) example-2.conf contains "UndefinedMetaNames ignore", which causes the
"Bad directive on line #14 of file my.conf: UndefinedMetaNames ignore " (I
think it should be UndefinedMetaTags).

Received on Tue Oct 9 20:25:36 2001