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Re: SWISH-E and Mohnarc

From: Philip Mak <pmak(at)>
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 00:01:53 GMT
On Sat, 15 Sep 2001, Paul Thomas wrote:

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> These fields contain the Subject: text of emails which often contain
> the keyword being searched for. The result is a list of emails is
> presented after a keyword search that only contain the keyword in
> reference links to other pages, not in the text of the email itself.

I hate it when I search using and come across messages like

You'll have to filter out those lines somehow, of course. Check out using
the "-S prog" command line option. Basically, you'll be indexing the
output of a program (this will be a program, e.g. perl script, that you
write, which reads the Mhonarc files and spits them out without the
offending lines) rather than indexing the real .html files.

It's a bit more complicated, but I think that's the only solution.
Received on Sun Sep 16 00:02:15 2001