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SWISH-E and Mohnarc

From: Paul Thomas <paul(at)>
Date: Sat Sep 15 2001 - 23:56:09 GMT

I have been using SWISH-E to index my Mohnarc email archives and
it works great.

When a keyword search is done, a list of emails containing the
keyword are listed. However, at the bottom of each of the archived 
emails are navigational links to other related emails, the list is:

Prev by Date: 
Next by Date: 
Prev by thread: 
Next by thread: 

These fields contain the Subject: text of emails which often contain
the keyword being searched for. The result is a list of emails is
presented after a keyword search that only contain the keyword in
reference links to other pages, not in the text of the email itself.

I would like to eliminate emails being found that only contain the
keyword in reference links. Hope this isn't too confusing!;^)

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

--Paul T.

"So enjoy yourselves, dabble in sound, paint your pictures, turn
on your mind and gently float downstream..." -- George Martin, 
Beatles's Producer
Received on Sat Sep 15 23:56:40 2001