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Re: Segmentation fault with latest code on Solaris

From: Gavin Walker <gavin(at)>
Date: Tue Sep 04 2001 - 08:55:50 GMT

Thanks for that tip.  I tried the version from Aug 30, 2001 but
hit a problem that the swish-e process consumed over 350MB of RAM
and it had only been running for about 20 seconds.  This meant that
it was continually swapping on my workstation. which has 256MB of RAM.

I used your tip again and reverted to an earlier version "Jun 17, 2001"
(I have this code running elsewhere) and this runs and only uses about
11MB of RAM to index.  Indexing takes about 7 minutes.



Bill Moseley wrote:
> At 02:25 PM 08/31/01 -0700, Gavin Walker wrote:
> >Just thought that I would try the latest code to see how things were
> >going.  However I have compile the latest cvs code which was download
> >about an hour ago and I am getting segmentation faults with test 1.
> Looks like a change today broke something.
> You can do a:
> cvs update -D "Aug 30, 2001"
> and get yesterday's code.  (NOTE: That's a "sticky" CVS operation!)
> Will probably have to wait until Monday so Jose can take a look.
> You can look at
> to see the changes today.
> Bill Moseley
Received on Tue Sep 4 08:59:28 2001