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Re: Swish Crash on Common Words..

From: <jmruiz(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 24 2001 - 08:52:21 GMT
Hi Allen,

Can you send your index file (test.db) to me?


On 24 Aug 2001, at 0:11, Allen wrote:

> The online doc said the /perl is supposed to be in the
> tar but apparently its not in the 2.0.5. So I download the
> daily development snapshot... i know this a production release
> but I needed something to play with that had the perl stuff
> in it... I made it crash.. so just thought development would
> like to know.
> It seems to be crashing on search words that are common to 
> about 17,000 documents - my theory at least.
> Using my own spider software I spided 17,000 web design sites and used
> the '-S prog' stuff to index them into swish-e. Everything works find
> except for these searches:
>  -w "web"           - crash 
>  -w "design"        - crash
>  -w "oracle"        - ok
>  -w "internet"      - crash
>  -w "html"          - ok
>  -w '"web design"'  - crash
>  -w "site"          - crash
>  -w "professional"  - ok
>  -w "portfolio"     - ok
> It seems to work fine on words that are probably not too numerous
> throughout the docs.  Since the database is composed entirely of web
> design sites, the crash words are most likely on all of these pages.
> I'm guessing some buffer or sort thing is getting blowed out.
> The test database (test.db) that swish-e created is only about
> 15M. If you want a copy to test against just let me know.
> -Allen 
Received on Fri Aug 24 08:52:51 2001