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Re: Rule of thumb conf file

From: AusAqua <ausaqua(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 23 2001 - 15:44:03 GMT
> What I want to do is the following.  I want to setup three differerent indexs.
> Two will be searched separaetly when you are in those sections.  The third
> index

I haven't tried doing this but I believe that what you would be trying to do
is to merge the indexes, before searching the merged index.  Somebody may
correct me on this.  If you don't get any other answers, perhaps do a search
for the words merge & indexe in the discussion archives.

> will be a combination of the two so you can search the whole site.
> I have picked the FileSystem Method for this.  What are the differences
> between
> FileSystem and HTTP?

Some time ago, Bill Moseley gave me a very clear explanation of the
differencet situations in which the FileSystem & HTTP can be useful.  I
happen to have stored the qu & A in a handy place so I've extracted the
info. for you, below:

>>So the specific question I'm asking is "Is spidering required to create and
>>search the indices and dictionaries created at the various directory levels
>>shown above ?"


>Again, it's just a matter of what kind of access you want to provide.

>A simple example.  Say in directory "public_html" you have the "home" page
>called index.html.  Also in that directory you have ten other pages, 1.html
>through 10.html.  But, on the index.html page you only have links to 1.html
>through 5.html.  So there's no way to get from index.html to 6.html ->
>10.html by clicking on a link.  But, someone could type in the url for,
>say, 7.html and view that page.

>So, do you want to index 6.html through 10.html?  If so, then you need to
>use the file system to index.  But if you only want to index what people
>can find from following links on your web site then you use the spider.


> What does the IndexPointer directive point to?  If it is my index then I guess
> my swish index files should placed in the document root.  That isn't where I
> put
> them.

Sorry, I can't help here.  I'm very new to this too.

> Any Suggestions will be appreciated
> Joe
> Childrens Hospital of Pgh
Received on Thu Aug 23 15:47:45 2001