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example/swish.cgi && mod_perl?

From: Don Fike <fike(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 17:31:59 GMT

  I am working with SWISHE 2.1 dev 22, Apache/1.3.20 (Unix) mod_perl/1.26,
and using the Perl script found in the
example folder.
I am trying to get this to run under mod_perl but it gives me an error;

[error]Can't locate in @INC
[error] Undefined subroutine &SwishSearch::handler called.

None of the paths listed in @INC are the path where swish.cgi exist.
This is what my httpd.conf looks like;

  use lib '/usr/local/web/apache/cgi-bin/';
  require "swish.cgi";
<location /search>
    allow from all
    SetHandler perl-script
    PerlHandler SwishSearch

I also tried running the script via Apache::Registry (see below), this
approach is how I normally run my mod_perl scripts.  This generates an error
in the browser but no error is logged in the error_log.  It seems to me that
my use lib statement in httpd.conf isn't working since this path isn't
searched.  Any ideas?  BTW:  the example script is working great as a cgi
with very few edits to switch it from a message search to a web doc search.
Also does the really exist?



<Files *.apl>
SetHandler perl-script
PerlHandler Apache::Registry
Options ExecCGI
Received on Wed Aug 15 17:32:39 2001