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Re: Question on indexing time

From: SM <nntp(at)>
Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 01:52:29 GMT
Hi Rick,
At 10:27 02-08-2001 -0700, Rick McGowan wrote:
>But the indexing operation doesn't seem to ever complete... It takes forever.
>I have 20,000 small files of about 1k bytes each; e-mail archives.  On an  
>800MHz Pentium III with 128MB of main memory (recent Linux OS)... is it  
>reasonable for the initial indexing of this dataset to take over 48 hours?   
>Like 2 days later, the process is still running with a virtual size of  
>243MB...  But with "-v 3" verboseness, it seems to have completed its
>scan of the files within an hour...

That behavior is not normal if you are using Swish-e 2.x.  You can speed up
the indexing process by adding more RAM btw.  Are all these files held in
the same directory?

Received on Fri Aug 3 01:52:55 2001