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Question on indexing time

From: Rick McGowan <rick(at)>
Date: Thu Aug 02 2001 - 17:28:01 GMT
I'm really new to SWISH, just trying to get it bootstrapped on my machine  
for live indexing of mail archives...  Running whatever SWISH was available  
for download a few days ago.

But the indexing operation doesn't seem to ever complete... It takes forever.

I have 20,000 small files of about 1k bytes each; e-mail archives.  On an  
800MHz Pentium III with 128MB of main memory (recent Linux OS)... is it  
reasonable for the initial indexing of this dataset to take over 48 hours?   
Like 2 days later, the process is still running with a virtual size of  
243MB...  But with "-v 3" verboseness, it seems to have completed its initial  
scan of the files within an hour...

Is this normal behavior?

Received on Thu Aug 2 17:37:19 2001