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"Config Error" response to autoSwish

From: Peter Lord <plord(at)>
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 12:36:32 GMT
Hello again,

Now I again have access to the 'swish' computer, I can provide a little more detail about the characteristics of my problems indexing with autoswish.  This saga has been running for a while now but I've sorted a lot of basic problems out with my setup since last I posted a very confusing question to the swish group.  I hope to have some hair left by the time this problem is cracked. 

To refresh you on the background to this problem;

- I have had no problems with command-line indexing (& searching) so I know the swish executable works.  
- Linux Redhat 6.1
- Apache 1.3
- Swish-e-2.0.5
- AutoSwish 1.0
- complete.shtml (indexing form) is located under the following directory, on the apache server "localhost", at the domain "localdomain": 
(the local file system equivalent of this directory is /home/httpd/html/Swish-E/SwishForms/complete.shtml)
- ConfigFile (destination for User.conf) is writable by daemon (Setting 0775) 
- SwishIndexes (destination for Index5) is writable by daemon (Setting 0775) 

Now to the problem: with the form (complete.shtml) open in netscape on the server on my computer, address box is: http://localhost.localdomain/Swish-E/SwishForms/complete.shtml

<Form action="../../cgi-bin/swish-bin/SwishCreate/" Method="POST">  

The entries I place in the form include:
Config file:  "User.conf"
Index: "Index5"
Directory to Index: "home/httpd/html/ype"    nb index.html resides at "home/httpd/html/index.html"

The response sent back from AutoSwish through Netscape when I click the "Go Swish" button is:

"Config Effor: Cannot create /home/httpd/html/cgi-bin/swish-bin/SwishConfig/User.conf

Apache's error_log shows no message.  Apache's access_log shows the message: "Post /cgi-bin/swish-bin/SwishCreate/" HTTP/1.0 200 128

Given that (I think) I have the right permissions for the destination folder of User.conf and Index5, I can't figure why it won't generate the .conf file (nor the index file).  Perhaps someone else could clue me in on how to proceed from here.

I wondered whether there could be a problem with the file, particularly at the line: $SERVERNAME = $ENV{HTTP_HOST} || $ENV{SERVER_NAME} which I have replaced with $SERVERNAME = $ENV{HTTP_HOST} || $ENV{localhost.localdomain}.  Does anyone recognize an error in what I've done ? 

Further, could someone please enlighten me about what "$ENV{'PATH'} =" is, and the manner in which this should be altered ?  It is present in user-configurable section of the file and the file.  I am wondering whether the user must insert the absolute path (location) of at this position ???  For example, my is located within the file path /home/httpd/html/cgi-bin/swish-bin/SwishCreate/  So should the appropriate entry be: 
$ENV{'PATH'} = /home/httpd/html/cgi-bin/autoswish/swish-bin/SwishCreate:/usr/bin:$SCRIPT_ROOT";  ??? 


Andrew L.
Received on Wed Aug 1 12:37:08 2001