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Re: swish-e make errors on solaris

From: Dave Stevens <dstevens(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 18:21:34 GMT
I haven't built 2.0.5 on Solaris until just now, but I've built several
previous versions on Solaris 2.6 to 8.  I can get 2.0.5 to compile, but
then it seg faults and dumps core.   Maybe there is something at Source
Forge about the seg fault.  I've got the core if anyone wants to see it.

We've got 2.0.4 running on the same environment on 15 or so machines.

To install Swish-e on Solaris, we make sure we have GNU gcc, GNU make, the
GNU linker and archiver from GNU Bintools (as opposed to the Sun provided
tools, there are a few differences).  We also install GNU autoconf and GNU
automake just for grins.  You can get pkg files at, but we download the source from and compile for each server.


>Hello,  Any help on the error below would be appreciated, Thanks, Don,
>gcc -o swish-e -Wall -O2 check.o file.o index.o search.o error.o methods.o
>hash.o list.o mem.o string.o merge.o swish.o stemmer.o soundex.o docprop.o
>fs.o http.o httpserver.o -lm
>Undefined                       first referenced
> symbol                             in file
>snprintf                            file.o
>vsnprintf                           http.o
>ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to swish-e
>*** Error code 1
>make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `swish-e'
>Current working directory
>*** Error code 1
>make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `swish-e'
Received on Thu Jul 26 18:22:01 2001