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Re: No makefile in src directory

From: Roy Tennant <roy.tennant(at)>
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 16:32:57 GMT
Sorry, I've updated the documentation page 
( to point to 
Bill's documentation of version 2.x and the download page 
( to point to the 
development site for downloading versions above the current 
"official" (stable) release. Thanks,

At 8:36 AM -0700 7/12/01, Bill Moseley wrote:
>At 08:21 AM 07/12/01 -0700, Una Cullen wrote:
>>following instructions for install.  I want to update the Makefile as
>>detailed in step 3
>> though
>>there is no Makefile available only Makefile.old and
>BTW -- that URL is outdated.  Follow the instructions that come with the
>package you downloaded (README-SWISH-E).
>Roy, can you update that page?  It was last updated in 1998 ;)
>Bill Moseley
Received on Thu Jul 12 16:34:26 2001