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tmp/fileFRSKFg has UNKNOWN format

From: Eric Haymaker <ehaymaker(at)>
Date: Wed Jul 11 2001 - 14:58:52 GMT
I am getting this tmp/file unknown format error.  Why and What is it.  Each
time I run the merge, I get a different filename.  What can I do avoild this
error?  I am swishing on a Linux server.  Also note, that I have run the
merge several times in the past month without any problems.

ppk:~/archive$ mergeonly
Counting files... 9127 files.
Reading stopwords...
Reading file info...
Merging words... 2295 redundant words.
Merging file info... no redundant files.
***************************************swish: "/tmp/fileFRSKFg" has an
unknown format.

****************************************swish: "/tmp/fileFivn9q" has an
unknown format.  (from another attempt)

Thanks in advance --
Received on Wed Jul 11 15:01:34 2001