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Re: StoreDescription and -S prog

From: Gavin Walker <gavin(at)>
Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 09:58:52 GMT
Bill Moseley wrote:
> At 03:15 PM 06/15/01 -0700, wrote:
> >Thanks for the reply.  I managed to get it to work when I add:
> >
> >  IndexContents HTML .html .htm
> >
> >My understanding was that this line was only necessary if I
> >wanted to tell swish-e to index files with non-default
> >extensions, eg. in association with FilterFile.
> Well, that's confusing.  Swish uses the HTML parser by default -- when the
> type for the document is not set.  IndexContents sets the type, but the
> documents start out with not type assigned.  I guess StoreDescription then
> doesn't work since the document is not HTML (it's default).  If that makes
> any sense at all...
> Maybe documents should default to HTML (rather than defaulting to the HTML
> parser).

To prove the case, all you need to do is comment out the IndexContents
and DefaultContents lines from tests/test.config and then dump the index

> You have CVS access?

Yes, I can run a cvs update.  There is enough information in the
archive of this list to be able to do an anonymous connection to the
cvs repository so that you can download the latest code.

> Yep, that vanished yesterday.  It will be a few days before I can get to
> that, I think.  Forking isn't that slow, so can you run swish as a binary
> for the time being?

I might just wait until the perl module is fixed as I have a reasonable
amount of time spent on the cgi script and if it is only going to be a
few days then there is no point in me going back and changing it.  I
can also just report the results with out a description for the
meantime using dev-20.


Received on Sat Jun 16 09:59:11 2001