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Re: StoreDescription and -S prog

From: Bill Moseley <moseley(at)>
Date: Fri Jun 15 2001 - 23:40:05 GMT
At 03:15 PM 06/15/01 -0700, wrote:
>Thanks for the reply.  I managed to get it to work when I add:
>  IndexContents HTML .html .htm
>My understanding was that this line was only necessary if I
>wanted to tell swish-e to index files with non-default
>extensions, eg. in association with FilterFile.

Well, that's confusing.  Swish uses the HTML parser by default -- when the
type for the document is not set.  IndexContents sets the type, but the
documents start out with not type assigned.  I guess StoreDescription then
doesn't work since the document is not HTML (it's default).  If that makes
any sense at all...

Maybe documents should default to HTML (rather than defaulting to the HTML

>and get err:(unknown datatype <swishdocsize>) and
>err:(unknown datatype <swishstartpos>) from an HTML file that returns
>this data with swish-e 2.1-dev-20

You have CVS access?

Last night I rewrote a bunch of the property names processing, but had not
yet updated the output part.  I just checked in a file that will fix that

A lot of work has gone on with properties in the last few days, and we
haven't had much time to test.  So please post any problems.

>2) Also I was going to use the perl module with my webpages but I will
>need 2.1-dev-21 perl module to do this and when I run make on the perl
>module I get this:

>SWISHE.xs:64: structure has no member named `Prop'

Yep, that vanished yesterday.  It will be a few days before I can get to
that, I think.  Forking isn't that slow, so can you run swish as a binary
for the time being?

Bill Moseley
Received on Fri Jun 15 23:40:52 2001